Who Are the Players?

We are a team of professional actors and educators who have trained and performed for over a decade in Canada, Europe, the United States and Australia. See our bios, and see a Youtube video and some radio interviews on our press page.

What is the Tickle Trunk?

The company name was inspired by childhood memories of Ernie Coombs as Mr. Dressup and the magical segment of his show where he would open his “Tickle Trunk” and pull out all kinds of costumes, props and imaginative art activities. Children were filled with wonder and anticipation each time the “Tickle Trunk was opened. See much more detail at Wikipedia.

Like Mr. Dressup, the Tickle Trunk Players offer a place where education, inspiration and imagination abound; where the ordinary becomes extraordinary. We have an abundance of creative resources and we “play” with play so that make believe becomes an empowering learning tool. We deliver theatre for education!

What Do We Do?

We provide innovative, interactive and affordable theatre performances and workshops for pre-school and elementary audiences. Our aim is to educate as well as entertain! Our primary focus is literacy with dynamic shows that highlight specific learning outcomes!