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What the Tickle Trunk Players taught us is amazing because it will influence 1000’s of children. Their workskhops and shows have a trickle effect; we will use the strategies they presented to us for years to come as educators. The ripple effect is incredible! Students always remember the empowerment they get from special projects like the ones the Tickle Trunk Players offer.

Mr. Davis, Teacher, Henry Anderson Elementary, Richmond, BC

During the performance of “Poetic License” for our intermediate students, I loved how the actors incorporated students and had student volunteers doing tableaux as an integrated part of the script. I liked the connection of the performance to literacy and the strategies such as ‘the connection chain’ and the ‘artistic draw’ that the actors used.

Teacher, David Lloyd George Elementary, Vancouver, BC

The Tickle Trunk Players workshops for teachers were organized, well paced and very practical. They featured ideas that were extremely accessible and applicable to my practice.

Teacher, Henry Anderson Elementary, Richmond, BC

I loved how the shows tied directly into the reading power and reading strategies that we teach in our classrooms. The writing format of the shows was great because students could later use what they experienced as a basis for developing their writing skills in their language arts units. The shows set them up for success!

Teacher, David Lloyd George Elementary, Vancouver, BC

I loved the part where the turnip was as big as a house!

Student, Tyee Elementary, Vancouver, BC

Our students were enthralled with the performance and came back to class bubbling about it. The teachers commented on how engaged the students were. Early Literacy is one of our school goals and the teachers were impressed with the strategies presented and will be trying the writing ideas with their classes.

R.J. Collins Acting Principal, Simon Fraser Elementary, Vancouver, BC

I’m amazed that you could fit so many learning strategies into a show and make them entertaining!

Teacher, Norgate Elementary, North Vancouver, BC