Literacy workshops can be ordered from our repertoire and are delivered by skilled arts educators to audiences of all kinds. We can also custom design workshops for the needs of your group. Workshops can be used for professional development, and or delivered in a classroom setting.

Workshops and Keynotes
Developed by: Lori Sherritt-Fleming

Workshops for both teachers and classrooms can be created and tailored to the needs and requests of individual schools. All are hands on and interactive. These are but a few in our repertoire. Keynotes address the success of arts integrated education and offer many active strategies to improve literacy scores in classrooms.

  1. Gr. 5-High school: Interpreting text through “Pinwheel Poetry”. Students use a familiar text as a basis for creating a type of choral poetry that explores character and point of view and allows participants to connect deeply with the plot while writing stunning, original pieces of their own.
  2. K-High School: Using Drama to Connect and Create Story. This type of workshop involves creating ‘a space on the floor’ and using improvisation for students to create their own original stories or to further connect with familiar ones by extending characters, settings and plot scenarios. All activities modelled are intended as springboards for writing original work as well as to be repeatable experiences for teachers to use in their practices.
  3. Gr. 3-High School. Poetry in Motion: Students will learn about rhythm, rhyme, repetition and musicality to create their own poetic pieces.
  4. K-High School. Stories in Sand: Using Drawing as a Tool for Creating Plot. In groups, students will create their own Draw and Tell stories.
  5. Gr. 1-High School. Playbuilding: Creating Retellings. Students will write and act their own retelling of a myth.

Where The Wild Things Are
Developed by: Kari-Lynn Winters

What happens when the Wild Things start tearing up Storytown? Move like Wild Things, then participate in a town interview where students become important townspeople, and devise a myriad of ways to capture the Wild Things and convince them to stop destroying property. Movement, active storytelling and oral presentations make this workshop a hit with all ages! Based on the classis book by Maurice Sendak. (grades 1-3) (1hr. 30 mins)

How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight?
Developed by: Lori Sherritt-Fleming

Do they roar and stomp their feet? (Only for a little while) Students use storytelling, movement, improvisation and tableaux to predict their own ‘mannerly’ endings to Jane Yolen’s popular book. Once they have finished ‘acting out’, students will write a caption and illustrate their very own endings to the book. This workshop is full of giggles and offers dynamic and empowering strategies to bring books to life for young readers. (grades K-1) (1hr 30 mins)

Wham Bam Poetry Slam
Developed by: Lori Sherritt-Fleming

A fabulous complement to “Poetic License”, students write their own “Striking Lines”, employ powerful language and a variety of tools both physical and written, used by performance poets. Students will experience their personal narratives leap from the page to the stage! (grades 4-7) (1hr 30 mins)

Sensational Strategies
Developed by: Lori Sherritt-Fleming and Kari-Lynn Winters

Discover how to incorporate more ‘drama’ into your classrooms. This Pro-D workshop introduces educators to soundscapes, tableaux, forum theatre, positioning and more! All activities can be applied to diverse grade levels and meet curricular outcomes. No background in drama is required, simply come prepared to have loads of engaging fun! (Educators)